Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Fish Safely?

If you own a Ferret, this is a question you might have wondered about quite frequently. Maybe not in exact words, Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Fish? Is Tuna Fish good for my Ferret?

Tuna, a saltwater fish, is jam-packed with nutrients and is considered to be the richest source of Omega-3. This type of fish is especially very good for people who have anti-inflammation issues and do have high cholesterol levels. The abundance of Omega 3 in it makes it a good source for preventing heart diseases and arthritis. As the lives of the people are getting extremely busier these days, there are several producers who sell canned tuna to provide convenience to the buyers. If you do have a very busy routine, you can simply buy a can of tuna from any grocery store or supermarket and can eat it as it is, straight out of the can. Canned Tuna has lots of seasonings and salts; hence, it becomes the most liked choice for sandwiches as well as salads. Can Ferrets eat Tuna

Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Fish?

Here, the worth emphasizing thing is that tuna is appropriate for consumption by human beings as we attain lots of nutrients from this particular fish. But, if we say that such a healthy fish will be good to feed to your ferret also, then you need to read on a bit further to get the answer to your questions.

Is Tuna Fish Safe for my Ferret?

Generally, ferrets are a carnivorous animal. Hence, they love to consume meat, but tuna doesn’t have any nutritional benefit for them. Moreover, the seasoning that is used in the tuna can is also very unhealthy for your ferret. Most of the ferret owners have been seen feeding tuna to their ferret. We don’t say you shouldn’t feed tuna to your ferret, but in general, it doesn’t have any benefits for the ferrets. The ferret owners, who feed their ferrets tuna, give it just as a treat maybe once or twice a month. And, if you feel like giving a treat to your ferret, make sure that you do not put the entire can in front of it. You can give a piece or two, but not more than that.

If you give tuna to your ferrets, be cautious that some ferret breeds do react to tuna in some weird ways. Some develop a smelly fur whereas the other start passing extremely smelly feces. Be watchful towards such kinds of symptoms. This is why it is suggested to keep the tuna quantity to one or two pieces and that too once or maximum twice a month. Else, if you want your entire home to start stinking with the miserable poop that ferrets pass after eating tuna, then go ahead and feed tuna to your ferret.

When it comes to feeding meat products to your ferret, you don’t only have the option of feeding tuna. If you strongly wish to feed fish of any kind to your ferret, we will urge you to prepare healthier options at home. You can feed it homemade turkey, beef or chicken. Simply prepare it at home and once cooked, cut that into smaller pieces so that your ferret can easily eat it. Avoid adding salt or other kinds of seasoning in it, as these can be unhealthy for your ferrets and will be difficult to digest as well.

Do not feed them any raw meat as well because it contains seasonings and is proceeded to have a longer shelf life. Whenever you buy meat products or in general any sort of food item for your ferret, make sure that you properly read the labeling and go through the constituents. We are saying so because ferrets are extremely sensitive creatures. So, you have to be really very careful regarding what to feed and what not to feed them.

Avoid giving them foods which are rich in fiber as they are unable to digest it. Their daily diet should contain 20% fat, 36% animal protein, low carbohydrates and less than 3% fat. Apart from that, they need fresh water to digest their food. So, always keep a bowl of water close to them so that they can drink it whenever they feel like. Ferrets never overeat. They are pretty watchful towards what and how much they eat. They consume only what is required by their body. It is advisable to give them food every 3 to 4 hours a day because they have an extremely functional metabolism, due to which they feel hungry quite often. You can put plenty of food in front of them because they will only consume how much their body requires and keep the rest for later.

Canned Tuna or Fresh; Raw or Cooked?

Coming back to the topic of Tuna, if you still want to feed your ferret tuna and are confused whether to give it canned, fresh, cooked or raw tuna, then let us clarify your doubts turn wise. Out of raw or cooked tuna, best is to give raw tuna to your ferret as it will ensure that your ferret is having a balanced diet. Apart from that, you can feed it raw meat, eggs and special foods designed for ferrets. Cooked food, on the other hand, loses most of its nutritional value, due to which it doesn’t remain as a healthier option for your ferrets.

Coming to the second question of whether you should feed them fresh or canned tuna, let us make it very clear that raw tuna is much healthier and better for you ferret. First of all, fresh tuna is far easier to digest than the canned tuna as the latter contains lots of salts, seasonings and is processed. Not only is this, the canned tuna can cause dental problems for your ferret as well.

So, instead of giving it unhealthy type of protein in the form of tuna, it is better to feed it other types of meats such as whole, small chickens, ducks, pheasants, pigeons, anchovies, sardines, rainbow trout, anoles, geckos, feeder rabbits, mice, gerbils, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, chicken / hen backs, chicken / hen legs, chicken / hen necks, chicken / hen thighs, chicken / hen wingettes, chicken / hen wings, frog legs, lamb chops, lamb necks, beef chunks, buffalo chunks, bison chunks, chicken chunks, duck chunks, elk chunks, emu chunks, fish chunks, goat chunks, lamb chunks, mutton chunks, ostrich chunks, pheasant chunks, pork chunks, turkey chunks, rabbit chunks, venison chunks, veal chunks, chicken gizzards, chicken hearts, turkey heart, turkey gizzards, beef heart, chicken liver, turkey liver, beef pancreas, beef spleen, beef kidney, beef thymus, crickets, night crawlers, mealworms, grasshoppers, silkworms, red wigglers, super worms, wax worms etc.

Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Fish or Not? Final Conclusion

So to answer the question, Can Ferrets Eat Tuna Fish Safely? In all your love and affection, do not get too carried away. Do not forget that ferrets are still animals. They need to have a raw diet, which is specifically made for them. So, do not go overboard and start feeding them fruits, vegetables, nuts, grains, raisins, rice, chocolate, dry plums or other food items. We understand you consider them as your family member and want them to taste everything that you also eat, but keep this thing in mind that their bodies need a specific type of diet. Giving them occasional treats is all good, but you should strictly avoid converting these occasional treats into a normal feed. It will not only make them sick but will also be problematic for you as you won’t be able to see your lovely ferret getting sick.

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