Do Ferrets make good pets? Reasons why Ferrets make good pets.

Are you planning to bring a ferret at home, Then there are few things you need to know before owning a Ferret. Like, Do Ferrets make good Pets or not?

Do Ferrets make good pets? Reasons why Ferrets make good pets.Do Ferrets make good pets

Depending on the owner, ferrets can make really good pets. They are active, intelligent animals that are fun to be around. They are also the third most popular ‘un-caged’ animal in the United States, falling just behind dogs and cats. They do need a lot of affection from their owners. In return, they reciprocate that affection and are really entertaining animals when they are happy.

A new ferret requires a lot of time and training. If you have never had a pet before, maybe a ferret isn’t for you. They need some time to bond with their owners. Only buy or adopt a ferret if you are willing to put in the hours.

Are Ferrets trustworthy as pets?

There is no simple answer to this question. Ferrets are clean animals by nature. They keep their fur clean and wash their faces by themselves if a bowl of water is available. They are affectionate and sociable animals. They are very nice around people and do not hurt anyone. They just want some playing time and won’t bother you for most of the day. They sleep for three-quarters of the day.

However, during their playing time, they are extremely energetic. Ferrets are quite the explorers. Any place they can reach, they will. As far as they are concerned, anything that can be grabbed is theirs. Socks, cables and wires, phone chargers, appliances and even jewelry. These are some of the things they like to grab, pull and hide too. If you forget your ring on the coffee table and it goes missing, it may be worth checking your beloved pet’s cage.
There is no way to train them not to hide stuff and not to pull on wires. You will have to ‘ferret-proof’ your home well enough to prevent all this. If not, then you might not be able to watch TV the next you feel like relaxing because somebody chewed through the power cable.

Are Ferrets good pets?

Ferrets are fun-loving animals. They rarely ever get sad. Expect no remorse from a ferret if you catch him/her stealing your car keys. In their head, it was theirs for taking. The care-free attitude of a ferret is very refreshing. Playing with them will make you forget whatever stress you were feeling just a few minutes ago.
Ferrets being extremely sociable become friends with everyone easily. They don’t bother people that you may have brought over. Instead, they will make them a part of their playtime too. They know how to make the most of every moment.

If you are not able to give them the time that they need, just get another ferret. They need a companion to play with. They get depressed if left alone for long periods of time. So, to ensure that your pet ferret continues to be the joyful little guy that he is, get him a companion. They won’t need as much time from you in that case. This helps people who cannot afford to spend 3-4 hours playing with their ferret every day.

Ferrets can be trained and will not make a mess by defecating all around the house given the necessary training. They can also be trained to perform tricks. In addition to all this, they also adjust their sleeping routine to better fit their owner’s schedule.

Ferrets are ferocious. Around other pets, they tend to become territorial. They might not react well if they feel your dog or cat has entered their domain. Under supervision, they will behave themselves. However, they may get into an altercation with other pets when you aren’t there. If you have other pets at home, maybe a ferret isn’t for you. If you still get a ferret, keep them in different rooms or in cages when you aren’t there to supervise.

Ferrets are very quiet animals. Apart from the sound of things falling over, there won’t be making any noise that would bother you. They don’t need to be groomed a lot and are cost friendly. All in all, Ferrets make great pets.

Is it legal to own ferrets?

Laws for owning ferrets vary between countries. In some countries, ferrets can be kept as pets in some states only.
In the United States, you can own ferrets in most of the states. However, the states where it’s illegal are:

• California – Home possession permit will not be given to anyone. Only a special permit is granted for medical research.

• Washington D.C. – The Columbia Health Department will hear every case and may grant a permit to homeowners. If you live in D.C., you can try and get a permit for yourself.

• The City of New York – Ferrets were declared illegal in New York City back in 1999. However, they are only banned the in New York City. People can still legally own ferrets in the rest of the state.

• Hawaii – The only state to completely ban ferrets. Ferrets carry rabies if they are not vaccinated properly. As Hawaii is the only state free of rabies, they do not ferrets to be domesticated.

In the other 46 states, it’s legal to own a ferret. Still, it is better to check the regulations and pre-requisites before you go out and get yourself a new friend.

Just like the US, laws for owning ferrets in other countries are different in different states, cities and territories. Make sure you know all the restrictions and regulations.

The registration process isn’t the same in different places either. Make sure you have all the necessary documents and have paid any fee that may be required prior to the adoption or purchase of a ferret.

Can I afford a Ferret?

Ferrets aren’t as expensive as dogs and cats. You can adopt a ferret for as low as $75-$100. Adopting a ferret also saves money on vaccinations. They are giving all the necessary vaccinations even before they are adopted.
Ferrets can also be bought from pet stores for prices close to $300. You will have to spend money on vaccinations with pet store ferrets as they are not given any vet care beforehand.

The total annual expense comprises of average food cost, cost of ‘ferret-proofing’ your home and the medical expense of a ferret.

A cage will cost around 200 USD. It may be cheaper if is it used. The size of the cage and the material it’s made of also matters. Cost of having your ferret de-sexed or neutered ranges from $50 to $250. The exact cost depends on the vet and whether or not your ferret is descended. These are all one-time expenses. Repeat expenses are what you need to care about most.

Food cost is estimated at $200 by experts. Single vaccinations cost $15-$20 on average. Regular health checkups will also add to the cost. Medical expenses vary depending on where you live and the clinic as well. Average annual cost of taking care of a ferret ranges between $500 and $1000. The $1000 cap isn’t fixed though. The total cost may rise if your ferret catches an illness or manages to injure himself while playing. There is no fixed cost for these scenarios.

Ferrets as pets Pros and Cons:


• Ferrets are very good entertainers – Ferrets do three things. They play, they eat and they sleep. Even though they only stay awake for around 6 hours a day, they are extremely fun to be around at that time. They will instantly uplift any level of sadness that a person may be feeling. You can adopt a pair and just sit back and enjoy the fun and games. They will definitely put on a show for you.

• Ferrets have intoxicating personalities – Ferrets treat you the way you treat them. Spend time playing with them and you will develop an unbreakable bond with your pet. They are also great with kids around.

• Ferrets aren’t difficult to care for – Like any pet, they do require some time of your day. They are easy to train. Their food is readily available and is prepared specially for them. Feeding them isn’t tough at all.


• Ferrets are smelly animals – The smell isn’t extremely unpleasant, it is strong and musky. Most people can tolerate the smell. The smell gets significantly reduced after they are neutered, though.

• Ferrets are notorious little creatures – If you haven’t ferret- proofed your home well, chances are they will be the cause of chaos. Ferret-proofing the whole house is necessary. Especially the play-room of these curious animals.

• They need your time and attention – You will have to give them your undivided attention when it’s play time. They bond well with their owners when they get to play with them for hours on end. Grooming can also eat up and hour or two of your day.

Are ferrets compatible with children?

It’s a bit complicated. Even though ferrets are very calm and non-aggressive animals, they do tend to bite as a part of playing. They can be trained to minimize the biting, but it does take time and they may cause some harm to a small kid in the meanwhile.

Children tend to have a care-free attitude just like ferrets. They might leave a door open and ferrets being curious animals that they are, will try to escape. They might not be able to find their way back to the house. You need to train the kids to keep the doors locked as well.

Small children without realizing might hurt a ferret while playing. It is important that an adult is present when the kids are playing with ferrets. Ferrets are smelly animals. Some children might not be able to tolerate the stench. In a house with toddlers, ferrets aren’t the best pets to have.

To conclude, ferrets are great with most children. Kids match the energy level of a ferret and they will have a lot of fun playing together. This will also keep your kid busy and give you more time to relax.

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